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Ruby Jewellery has a Laser Welder which eliminates so many problems with design and repair. Mostly it eliminates the need to apply heat from the soldering torch which keeps stones, enamels and thin metals safe. This allows us to restore and repair jewelry that is considered too delicate or fragile. Laser welding is possible on metals ranging from gold, platinum, and silver.


  1. Shank work (including soldering, ring sizing, mounting assembly and installing).
  2. All prong work (including re tipping and replacing prongs).
  3. Stone setting (including tightening, channel set, bezel set, bead set, pave’ set and bright cutting).
  4. Finishing (including plating, epoxy, polishing & clean ring, satin finish and Florentine finish).
  5. Pearl repair (including knotted restringing, restring without knots, drill pearl and glue pearl).
  6. Engraving (including simple ring engraving and engraving setup).
  7. Earring repair (including soldering post, screw-back and post conversion, lever-back drop conversion and converting bracelet link to earring conversion).
  8. Fabrication (including rebuilding bezel, seat and channel sets, gold link rebuilding, gold link addition/removal and bail repair).
  9. Platinum (basic and advanced platinum welding and ring sizing).
  10. Custom design work.
  11. Sizing Balls / Sizing (when possible)
  12. Watch batteries
  13. Watch repairs General refurbish/cleaning